BirthdayWow! It’s been a full year since three comics scholars (Frank, Qiana, and Roy) got together and made real their dream of a blog that focused on central questions in comics theory.

Since then things have gotten better and better. We have added two additional regular contributors (Michael and Adrielle), and been lucky enough to have a number of distinguished guest contributors. Readership has been slowly but steadily growing, and we’ve had visitors from dozens of countries!

To celebrate this success, we have decided to finish off 2012, and ring in 2013, with a special event: The PencilPanelPage 1st Anniversary Round-Robin Retrospective! For each of the next five weeks, one of the regular contributors to the blog will reflect back on their favorite post by another contributor to the blog.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy our little birthday event!

Anniversary Posts:


About roytcook

Roy T Cook is associate professor of philosophy at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. He works in the philosophy of logic, the philosophy of mathematics, and the aesthetics of comics. He is the co-editor (with Aaron Meskin) of The Art of Comics: A Philosophical Approach (Wiley-Blackwell 2012)

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