PencilPanelPage is a blog devoted to the study of comics. We intend to cover topics in comics studies from a wide variety of approaches. The founders come from a variety of disciplines, including English, Linguistics, and Philosophy, and we hope to add additional contributors from other disciplines in the months to come.

A new post will be published each Thursday, covering a topic in comics studies of particular interest to that week’s contributor. In addition, we are hoping to gradually incorporate other regular features. The first such feature will be Fifth Thursday Guest Contributors: In any month that contains five Thursdays, the fifth installment will be an invited piece by by a comics scholar who is not a regular contributor to the blog.

We hope that the blog will become a valuable resource for comics studies. More importantly, we hope you enjoy reading it and contributing to discussions.


About Qiana Whitted

Associate Professor of English and African American Studies

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  1. this is going to be a great resource for my students! Thanks for building and updating it!
    -Rachel Williams!

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